note: Starry is the mascot of the school where I teach art, and my graphic novel club was working collaboratively on this idea before distance learning. I’m now opening it up to anyone in our school (or any school) to show their Starry spirit!

Here’s the Starry Gallery! More added daily:

From Lila!

From Jana!

From Gemma!

From Martino!

From Orit!

From Abigail!

From Robert!

From Robert!

From Kaspars! page 1

From Kaspars! page 2

From Kaspars! page 3

From Kaspars! page 4

From Laura!

From Ephrata!

From Lila!

From Emi!

From Camila!


From Robert!

From Robert!

From Zen!

From Kylie!

From Elanor!

From Damien!

From Rodrigo!

From Aissatou! Page 1

From Aissatou! Page 2

From Aissatou! Page 3

From Aissatou! Page 4

From Aissatou! Page 5

From Aissatou! Page 6

From Aissatou! Page 7

From Elena and Mateo!

From Bailey!

From Robert!

From Robert!

From Misha!

From Owen!

From Catherine!

From Noah!

From Sophia!

From Rohan! page 1

From Rohan! page 2

From Rohan! page 3

From Rohan! page 4

From Mina! page 1

From Mina! page 2

From Jordan!

From Hailey!

From Ved!

From Julia!

From Eve!





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