Name that Kid

I’m sometimes asked, with more than 900 students in our school, how do I remember all the names? Out of context, like at the mall, it’s not always easy (no comment on whether it’s easier or not to remember the kids whose names you have to say the most: “Bob, this is not a splatter paint lesson!” “Bob, hands are for helping!” “Bob, stop eating the clay!”)

With kids representing more than 40 nationalities, there are many unique and uncommon names in our school. Happily, I’ve never once seen a kid teased for what they’re called. A few in particular give me a kick: I’m proud to say that Raphael, Leonardo, Rodin and Monet are all dedicated art students of mine (not to mention a girl who goes by Squid). But going over the class lists, I have to say the three new incoming students whose official names I like best are:  Sky, Poet, and – my new personal favorite – Spock.

Live long and do your homework, kids!

Happy New Year!

As a teacher, I’ve never understood why the New Year begins in the middle of winter. September is the true start of the year. At least it should be. The air is crisp, the kids are fresh, and all the markers have the correct caps on them (this last item is particularly important!)

In my ten years at my current school, not much has changed (except the principal, my art room, and the entire student body). Over the centuries, however, the school has gone through a few looks. For last year’s yearbook cover I showed Ashburton Elementary through the ages: