Clean Up, Clean Up, Everybody, Everywhere…

An occasional parent will peek in my Art room and be amazed. Not by my awesome lessons, or the kids’ dazzling artwork, or my great collection of books, but by a far more jaw-dropping sight: kids cleaning. Clean-up is one of the most important, if not the key, objectives I try to teach. Anyone can… Read more »

Holiday Quote of the Week

In Art class today, I had the first graders make decorative five and six-pointed stars. A girl came to me near the end to show me how well she drew Stars of David. “I’m really good at these kind of stars,” the proud six-year-old  said, “and I’m not even British!”

No Stealing This!

I was moments away from having some amazingly profound thoughts about art, literature and education, when I decided to clean instead. And that’s when I had an even more profound inspiration: a cool band name! Not that I’m in a band. Or ever will be. But if I was, I would be sure to call… Read more »

Heeeeeeeere’s Jonny

Actually, I’ve been here the whole time. But due to more than 100,000 spam comments and my lack of knowledge and laziness for dealing with the problem, I haven’t been posting to this site. But my New Year’s resolution last year was to try to deal with the minor tech issues that send me screaming… Read more »

Same Love, the Next Generation

Here’s a hopeful sign that the times they are a’ changin. At at table of four kindergarten boys, I overheard one announce, “I’m going to marry Jason.” The boy across from him said, “You can’t marry Jason. He’s a boy!” Boy 1 said, “Boys can too marry boys!” Boy 2 thought about this for a… Read more »